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How South Park made two incredible video games

When you think of the show South Park, you usually do not think of video games. But in reality, the show has created two absolutely amazing video games. Here is a little tour through how they did it.

Courtesy of PlayStation

Before 2014

Before getting into the two games that have made South Park a respected figure in the gaming industry, I want to talk about some of the games that came out before that were not as famous. Going all the way back to 1998, South Park has been pumping out games for fans. The first game to ever come out was for the N64 and was pretty trash. But to keep it in perspective, gaming as a whole just was not as good back then. For the next 16 years after that first game released, there have been four other games that have, honestly in my opinion, continued to increase in quality every game. For some more information on each of these games take a look here.

South Park Stick of Truth

When this game came out, I was shocked to see that people actually loved it. People did not just love it for being a good game based off a TV show, people saw it as a good game as a whole. This is because Matt Stone and Trey Parker were involved from the very beginning and did all the voice work and writing. This made the game almost like a long episode of the show. This was a RPG where you took control as a new character in South Park and were able to control their actions and interact with all your favorite characters in a sort of fantasy ensue world. Here is a review from IGN that shows off what made this game so special.

South Park Fractured But Whole

This game might take how the crown for the best title ever for a video game. If you do not understand why try reading the title slowly. This game, which came out around a year after the Stick of Truth, was also an incredible game. It is hard for developers to make a sequel to a game that keeps with what fans loved about the first one but goes in a different direction. They hit a home run with this game. Keeping the same format with letting a player control a South Park character, this time the game turns to more of a superhero type of RPG game. Here is the IGN review.

So, what went right?

What other TV shows can take from what South Park did right is simple. Don’t try and do too much. The great thing about both of these games is that it feels like you are watching an episode of South Park when you are playing it. Stick with what you know and let the dialogue to the game stay with how you would write dialogue for the show. Seems simple enough, but tell that to Family Guy, who has come out with some terrible games over the years. But that my friends, is a story for another time.

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