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How the New Warzone Stadium Update Can Get You Easy Wins

If you haven’t heard already, Warzone has changed Stadium into an actual place of interest on the map where player can finally go inside the massive structure. This has caused absurd numbers of players to spawn at the new location to see what all the fuss is about. For players like me who struggle to get wins, my first thought was how I could turn this new hotspot zone into easy wins. After taking a day to try out different strategies, I have figured out the best tips for noobs like me to get wins at the start of season 5 of Warzone.

How the New Warzone Stadium Update Can Get You Easy Wins
Courtesy of Activision

Tip #1:

Stay the hell away from Stadium. Stadium is now a massive drop spot because of hype surrounding its new open layout. For far too long, it was one of the biggest structures on the map, but it was entirely useless to get on top of because there was no way to get inside. Now that it’s open, I would say an average of a third of the lobby flocks to that one spot. When I tell you that it is a blood bath in there, believe me. I have never seen so many players die at the start of a game. By the time first circle is done, sometimes over a third of the lobby is already dead. By staying away from Stadium, you let a good number of players die while you and your team are out getting loot somewhere far, far away.

Tip #2:

After dropping into the map and getting weapons and ammo, start doing scavengers. With so many people dying so early, it makes it important for your squad to quickly become powerful. Using the scavengers to get a lot of money quickly will allow your squad to quickly get your loadout drop and post up while waiting for people to come to you. The squads you run into will likely be either hurt or nursing some dead members, giving your squad the chance to easily pick ‘em off.

Tip #3:

If you see the train is near, don’t be afraid to check it out. The train in Warzone is another new feature added in season 5 that leaves the station during the game and rides around the map. On the trains is a TON of loot, enough to last you ‘till the end of the game easily if you already have your loadout. The train is absolutely still a map hotspot, but not anything compared to Stadium. If you have the chance to check it out during a game, especially if you still have your entire squad with you, it can be worth it to try your luck. Be on the lookout for any players already on the train posted up looking for enemies. Taking control of the train will be no easy task, and if there are too many people on the train already it might be best to turn around and forget about it. However, if you’re lucky, you and your squad can take control and be well on your way to a victory.

I am going to be honest with you, these wins will not be the most fun, as you might not see enemies until the end of the game. What this strategy will allow you to do is stay healthy and get weapons quick. In the end, in this Warzone day-and-age, the top priority for you and your team is to score those W’s. So camp on, my friends. Camp on.

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