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How to be a Solo Champ in Warzone’s Plunder

Everyone loves hopping into Warzone, slapping that “Plunder” button, and seeing if you and your friends can snag that cool cool $1 million the fastest. But when your squad’s not around and you find yourself in Plunder Trios or Squads alone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re outgunned. If you’re like me, you love the thought of 1v3’s and 1v4’s enough to brave Verdansk solo. These tips will set you high-up in the Top-Earner category.

Courtesy of Activision

Stop Using Ghost

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t want to be seen from UAVs.” I completely understand; no one likes being seen almost a mile away, but this is something you are going to have to get used to. UAVs only last a few seconds and you’re going to be outlined on the map when you hit Top-Earner anyway. It’s inevitable. So, why spend $20k for that perk or leave Overkill out in the dark? Set up another weapon in the Gunsmith for when a squad tries to come and rob you.

Drop-In Places That Scare You

Airport, Downtown, and Military Base are all extremely active drop-spots that see a surplus of players every game. You’ve most likely heard to stay away from those areas, but it’d be wise to try and test your mettle early on in these spots. Plunder is a game of conflict. You don’t get better at conflict by just running off to another location that doesn’t see as many players. Drop down into these spots; you’re going to respawn anyway, so why not at least attempt to take some cash from opposing players?

Get Mobile

Vehicles are a godsend in Plunder when you’re trying to catch up with the Top-Earning team or get away from people trying to strip you of that title. The ATV is the best in the game due to its agility and ability to get into spots that no other vehicles can enter. The one downside is that it provides less coverage than any other option in the game.

Alternate “Priorities” In Each Round

This is a favorite of mine. I’ll spend one game trying to gather up as much money as possible and the other trying to hunt every player that I can to take their cash. You have the same overall goal in mind, but you tackle it differently. This allows me to get better in both aspects of the game and destress from the last round, which might not have gone as well as I’d hoped. There’s a certain appeal to not having to worry about how much money your character has when you’re hunting down players with a heartbeat sensor and sniper rifle.

Equip The Heartbeat Sensor

This is something that I still see many players going without, and it’s almost a commandment to have one of these on-hand when playing Plunder. Your only worry here is if they are able to ghost out the monitor, and there’s always going to be the chance that the building you ran into isn’t clear when it says it is. You still run a very high chance of spotting that one player without that specific perk and wiping out that team solo.

The numbers are stacked against you when you go into Plunder Trios or Squads solo but are easily manageable when you make yourself a one-man army. Play smart: drop into hostile areas for early loot and fights and deck out your kit while making sure you aren’t loading up with useless perks. If you use these tips and give it your all, you don’t have to worry about sharing and can steal that beautiful crown all for yourself.

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