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How to Decrease FPS in Dota: A Beginner’s Guide

There are infinite guides on Dota 2. But none take into account Valve’s top-notch game optimizations and features,which have resulted in this beauty of a game we play. In honor of that and more, here’s how to play Dota the right way.

There is nothing quite like the appreciation you can have for a job well-done. Valve is one of the few companies that has been doing phenomenally in the gaming industry and have been a steady contender since their dominance in the L4D and Portal days. Dota 2 has been their most committed endeavour for which they have dedicated all their 3 janitors for tweaking and optimizing the game to perfection.

Even with their efforts, it might be that you are getting too many frames per second, sucking the joy out of playing Dota 2. Here we are to help you learn a few tricks to drop your FPS in an instant.

Update Your Game

Image courtesy of Reddit user u/CookiezNOM

If you are one of the players who hate the online community and their sweet nothings of a good samaritan, then you might only be playing offline with bots. But don’t let that ruin your experience of the game. Update your game to the latest patch by switching steam on in online mode. The new 7.28 Mistwoods patch did a fantastic job of not requiring the players to do anything to reduce FPS even in the main menu. Whereas in the olden days you would have to pick Phantom Lancer and Spectre and Chaos Knight for a substantial FPS drop, now you just have to queue a game, and you will be treated to random, relishable FPS drops. Another feature everyone had been longing for. Not to mention that a Dota coordinator is harder to find than Waldo, which makes for a great mini-game as you sit in the main menu.

Pick Illusion Spawning Heroes

Image courtesy of Valve

One of the best ways to win Dota is by crashing your opponents’ PCs. Even better if you can do the same for your teammates and save them from the agony of playing the game. You do not have to micro-manage anything or give the map information to your teammates who do not speak your language even though you specifically queued for your language. Just pick CK, PL, Spectre or Monkey King and viola, you can have your very own PC-crashing wins with the press of a few buttons. If the past game update trend says anything, you would no longer need even pick illusion heroes to freeze the game and win through induced frustration. Glory to potato PCs!

P.S. Valve provides these features for expensive PCs too.

Keep Chrome Tabs Open

Courtesy of me, my Google search history

Google has been making tie-ups with almost everyone over the last decade. Speculation seems to suggest that there are similar ties between Valve and Google too. If your game is running too smoothly at 60 or 144 FPS, just open 50-100 chrome tabs in the background and see your framerate hit those sweet sub 30 numbers. There have been reported malpractitioners who have been suggesting closing background apps to play the game. Do not listen to them.

Play the Game

When all else fails, play the game. Valve is known to introduce unintentional changes in Dota 2 that go unfixed for so long that they become features. Tiny’s Avalanche hitting you twice, orb walking, shorter blink if you try to blink further than its maximum range, are only some of the features that were not intended to be apart of the game. Valve has since continued the tradition of adding features and QoL changes to the game unintentionally.

Courtesy of OverStock Posters

One of the most applauded and sought-after game elements that have become a feature is how much FPS the game loses. Every player can find this easter egg depending on their configuration and in-game interactions. Some gleefully find it when Spectre ults them, some when Aghs CK 5-man ganks you and uses ult, and some – more recently – find it by switching the game on.

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