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How to get a pet cat in Cyberpunk 2077

Just in case you are getting bored of the massive world that is Cyberpunk 2077, there is now a way to get a pet cat.

Courtesy of AltCar

Night City has a ton of different characters and things to interact with, but to the surprise of many players, there were not many animals to interact with. On a couple instances throughout the game you are able to pet a stray cat. You can pet one in the alley where the Ripperdoc’s shop is. You can also pet one when you are discussing a mission with a certain character (details not included in order not to spoil part of the game.)

Besides this, there is actually a real cat which you can find but it takes a little work. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Turn left outside V’s apartment and you will see a garbage bin with a data shard telling you to “feed the cat.”

Step 2: You are going to need cat food, so go to Santo Domingo’s Rancho Cornado and find the Arasaka Industrial Plant. You are able to fast travel if you have been here already.

Step 3: The place is guarded, so you need to go to the western wall and climb it.

Step 4: Head down to the left and there will be an incline that leads to a door. Open it and you will find the cat food.

Step 5: Go back to the garbage bin and place the food in the dish.

Step 6: Go to sleep.

Step 7: Return the next day and there will be a cat named Nibbles. Pick up the cat and a sequence will play.

Step 8: That’s it! You will now have the cat in your apartment.

Simple enough, right? Although this trick will not help you in the game at all, it is a fun little thing to do that add more dimension to the world of Night City. Gotta thank CD Projekt Red for this one.

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