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How to Get the Best Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077: A Talking Gun

Skippy, the talking gun, is a dynamic weapon that projects a tiny cartoon bullet acting as an atypical assistant. It’s similar to Microsoft Word’s Clippy, except that it has more of an attitude problem. Besides possessing an anthropomorphized bullet, Skippy is an extremely high quality firearm because it is a smart pistol and scales with the level of the player.

cyberpunk 2077
Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

In Cyberpunk 2077, smart guns paired with smartlink cyberware implants allow for very easy headshots against enemy targets. An additional feature to Skippy is that it gives you the choice between two modes for setting the weapon: Stone Cold Killer (lethal) and Puppy-Loving Pacifist (non-lethal).

If you choose the lethal mode, Skippy will achieve headshots consistently while choosing the non-lethal mode will incapacitate enemies by achieving accurate shots to the groin. No matter what mode you start with, Skippy will switch to the opposite mode after downing fifty enemies. It is possible to keep Skippy in non-lethal mode forever by telling it that “killing is wrong.” But we know that you won’t be doing that.

So how do you get the best gun in the game? Once you’ve managed to unlock the ability to explore the expanse of Night City, you can check the map,  head to Heywood, and find the yellow dot at the College Street metro station to start a side quest that will allow you to unlock Skippy.

Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

At the destination, there are stacks of cardboard bales you can use to climb over a gate and into an alleyway. On the other side of the gate and to the left is a corpse lying next to a briefcase from which you can obtain Skippy. After reading your fingerprints, Skippy will then introduce itself to you and guide you through its capabilities, singing Disturbia by Rihanna while it runs diagnostic tests.

Once you’ve used Skippy during a number of violent encounters, you will unlock the optional side quest of returning the weapon to Regina Jones, its original owner. In exchange for returning the smart pistol, Regina will reward you with a couple thousand Eddies. 

The choice is then yours to either keep the best gun in the game or to get a little bit richer. It depends on if you truly value the gun’s personality or just want it to shut the hell up.

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