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How to Unlock Legendary Gorilla Arms in Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, having a pair of Gorilla Arms will give you the upper hand in street fights and allow you to rip through doorways with the strength of a cybernetic silverback. The Gorilla Arms charge up through every melee attack, and depending on the amount of charge, your arms can deal a devastating blow when using the strong attack button. Outside of decimating your foes with your new shiny fists, the Gorilla Arms can be used to yank turrets from their bases and peel open locked doors as easily as peeling a banana. No need for access cards or authorization when you have forearms that act as crowbars.

Gorilla Arms
Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

In order to obtain these cyberware enhancements capable of taking down even the tankiest of enemies, you’ll have to buy them off of a Ripperdoc and, unfortunately, they can be rather expensive. The arms come in three distinct rarities: rare, epic, and legendary. If you want to get the most powerful pair, you will want to get the legendary pair of golden Gorilla Arms. 

However, before you use the legendary weapons to go ape on some enemies, you will need 45 Street Cred and 100,000 Eddies. It is a steep hill to climb in order to claim these bad boys, as even the lower level arms will cost 16,000 Eddies and require 20 Street Cred. You’ll have to invest some time exploring the side missions available in Night City to get your numbers up and maybe find some other ways to make money fast.

If you have committed yourself to unlocking the legendary Gorilla Arms by getting richer and increasing your Street Cred, then there is one specific Ripperdoc you’ll have to pay a visit to. This Ripperdoc resides along the far west coast at the City Centre. The symbol you are looking for on the map is a pair of scissors.

Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

Having the Gorilla Arms affixed to your body will take up the cyberware slot for your arms, meaning you’ll have to favor this cyberware enhancement over the other potential weapons, such as the notorious Mantis Blades. But after grinding to get the required amount of money and Street Cred, nobody is going to be able to stand in the way of the best brawler in Night City.

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