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hyFresh Blade Rebrands To Fredit Brion

hyFresh Blade has decided to join LCK’s new franchising system rather than the ones that have been in the league already. Big companies made offers to Riot Games but Riot decided hyFresh Blade was the most suitable. hyFresh decided to have a new look for the upcoming season. The team agreed on a sponsorship deal with the health and beauty company Fredit and changed its name to Fredit Brion, changing their logo as well.

The team was first founded under the name of Brion Blade in 2018. They acquired the CK 2019 Spring slot of Kongdoo Monster and joined the Korean League of Legends ecosystem. They have competed in CK since then, LCK’s lower league, but never managed to make it to the LCK. Throughout the years, they hosted names like Frozen (Overseas Legend), FATE (Liiv Sandbox Mid Laner) and Edgar (World Champion Coach). Fredit will be the team’s second name sponsor. Before this year, the organization had an agreement with hyFresh, an eye health company in South Korea.

LCK was the latest major league in the League of Legends environment that has not moved to the franchising system. Even minor leagues like TCL and PCS moved the whole system to franchising, but LCK insisted on having the classic system. 2021 will be different though. LCK will also use the franchising system and teams will not get demoted. Also, the accepted teams started forming their academy rosters for the new Academy League plans. Riot Games accepted the applications of league’s already-chosen participants and also added hyFresh Blade to the list. In 2021, we will be calling the team as Fredit Brion.

Courtesy of Fredit Brion

LCK will host 10 teams in 2021. Afreeca Freecs, DAMWON Gaming, Credit Brion, Gen.G, Hanwha Life, KT Rolster, Liiv SANDBOX, T1 and Team Dynamics will be the headliners for the upcoming season. The competition might settle at the highest level the league had since the beginning. Latest World Champion DAMWON looks like the favorite with the signing of star top laner Khan. On the other hand, we will be able to watch players like Peanut, Bang and Lehends with their return to the competition.

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