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Immortals Releases jmoh and neptune from their VALORANT Roster

Making changes before the new season is common in esports, but the VALORANT scene has been witnessing it more than expected this offseason. With the latest announcement, Immortals has entered the list of teams who desire to strengthen their roster. The North America based team parted ways with jmoh and neptune.

Photo courtesy of Immortals

Back on Dec. 15, jmoh revealed that he was benched from the team, but can explore options. Now, the player’s tie with Immortals has been cut completely along with his fellow teammate neptune. The announcement, in which Immortals wished good luck to their former players and emphasized they were grateful to have them, was made on the team’s Twitter account.

The only player who tweeted about the alteration was Jason “neptune” Tran: “My contract has come to an end with Immortals; I would like to thank them for all the achievements and experiences we had. I am now looking for a new team to grind with! I’m comfortable and flexible playing any agent.”

Immortals is among the teams who established a VALORANT squad in the early phase of the game as they built the division in May. The team managed to claim third place right after TSM and Sentinels in North America’s early state ranking, but they couldn’t maintain the spot as the game developed. 

Even though the roster stepped up from time to time, they had hard times while providing continuity, and this pushed them away from top of the ranking. Immortals has attended First Strike North America main event lastly and bid farewell to the tournament in the first round.

Immortals’ current roster:

  • Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar
  • Noah “jcStani” Smith
  • Andrew “ShoT_UP” Orlowski
  • Jordan “Gunba” Graham (Coach)
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