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In a Tense Match-up, Fnatic Pull The Rug Out From Under Gen.g

Photo credit: Fnatic, LEC

It’s not every day you see a Rakan support bringing the Summoner Spellbook rune while running exhaust and ignite as their primary summoners. It’s not every day that the Rakan and Ezreal bottom-lane get smashed level one and three in a cumulative four deaths that seriously threaten the rest of the match-up. Most certainly, it is not. Every. Day. That the same team handicapped with such a serious early-game deficit come-back and even the game out despite how far behind they had fallen. Although Fnatic (FNC) would go on to finally win this game with their AoE wombo-combo, Gen.g (GEN)  put up a tense and bloody battle that kept both the viewers and the casters on the edge of their seats until the very final team-fight of the game.

The flashless Rakan was part of a global pressure strategy coming out from GEN, a complement to the three other teleports on the team, possibly allowing all members of GEN to have teleport advantage besides Kim “Clid” Tae-min. That strategy, however, immediately proved to be a liability when attempting to dare a viciously aggressive team like FNC. Using the powerful level one lock-down from Leona, Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov captured the flashless Rakan while Martin “Rekkles” Larsson nuked him down with Senna’s strong level one damage.

FNC’s aggression wasn’t just a lucky break, however; they were dead set on trying to put Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s scaling Ezreal pick as far behind as possible. Oskar “Selfmade” Boderel hid around the corner of bottom-lane tri-bush for the unsuspecting Rakan who, at only level two to his level four, could not escape the ensuing turret dive onto him and his Ezreal, resulting in not just a double kill, but an additional 3rd kill onto Ruler as he teleported back into his lane just to die all over again. Though GEN were able to secure a double kill from FNC’s greed over diving Ruler a second time, the combination of Ruler losing all the farm at his turret along with his teleport and having to send the entire team down (besides Ruler’s corpse) to punish FNC had put GEN into a dangerous losing position not five minutes into the game.

However, when you bring an extreme rotational composition like the plausible four teleports that GEN brought, there’s always a chance to even the odds, and even the odds they did. First playing into a gank mid-lane, they then transitioned into another gank mid-lane after losing Clid (but gaining the double kill), finally having Kim “Life” Jeong-min rotate back down to his bottom-lane to help gank with the double teleport behind Rekkles and Hylissang to righteously punish the overstepping FNC bottom-lane for trying to dive Ruler for the 3rd time that game. 

Despite the powerful lead that FNC commanded at the start of the game, GEN brought upon them decisive engagements that made them nearly dead even once more. Both teams fought with complete abandon, trying to push every advantage and dropping ultimates and summoners in ganks back and forth between the two scrappy teams to try and eke out some advantage. Though the effort from GEN was valiant, the perfect alignment of the AoE wombo-combo from FNC sealed their fate almost instantly. The fight is almost inscrutable with the intense amount of particle effects and animations happening in such a close proximity, but when played at .5x speed you can see that despite Ornn failing to hit back the elemental as part of Call of the Forge God, the combination of Leona’s Eclipse, Graves’ Collateral Damage, Senna’s Dawning Shadow, Ornn’s Bellows Breath, Orianna’s Command: Shockwave and FINALLY Orianna’s Command: Dissonance completely obliterated two members of GEN, instantly winning FNC the team-fight and the game.

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