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Internet Personality Karl Jacobs Reaches One Million Followers on Twitch

Reaching the one million followers mark is highly coveted as a benchmark achievement on any social platform. This incredible feat is a testament to the creator’s content, influence, and ability to engage and connect with their audience. On December 19, popular streamer and internet personality Karl Jacobs reached this milestone as he officially accumulated more than a million followers on the live streaming service Twitch.

Karl Jacobs
Source: Karl Jacobs/Instagram

Jacobs started streaming on Twitch under the username GamerBoyKarl in 2017. His meteoric rise has only just begun, yet he’s already established himself as a known figure in gaming. It wasn’t until this year that the streamer and YouTube personality started gaining widespread notoriety as he became a major affiliate and collaborator with MrBeast. He also became popular for being a part of the Dream SMP, spearheaded by Minecraft maestro Dream, along with other popular content creators such as TommyInnit and Technoblade. 

Jacobs recently won an Among Us tournament held by Mr. Beast. As an Impostor, he took home $100,000 in prize money for his performance against the likes of Jacksepticeye, Corpse Husband, and PewDiePie.

On September 11, Jacobs founded his own standalone YouTube channel, which now has over 600,000 subscribers. The channel was only made public when the streamer announced it on his Twitter on December 2. The next day, he uploaded his first video, I Hunted LazarBeam on Dream SMP! Furthermore, Jacobs went from 400,000 followers on Twitch in mid-October to now over 1 million in just a few months.  

We can’t wait to see what milestone this personality’s going to crush next.

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