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Interstellar Toxicity: The Eve Online Community

Trust no one, avoid everyone, hoard all the ISK you can. These are simple tenets that many players live by on Eve, but space pirates don’t care about tenets as much as they do your new battleship.

Eve Online
Image Courtesy of CCP Games

Eve is a game where you find a player, befriend him, make a best-man speech at his wedding, and then steal his ship when he’s on his honeymoon. It’s a game filled with bots and betrayal and is known to have one of the most overall toxic communities when it comes to the PC. When I say that, I’m not referencing just the chats. When you compare Eve’s chats to other MMORPGs like W.O.W or even popular MOBAS, you realize they’re surprisingly tame. The problem lies with the backstabbing, which is planned for years in advance. 

The main bulk of toxicity is coming from player-on-player action. Attacking defenseless cargo ships, betraying your corp members, and camping at star-gates are extremely common, and the problem grows worse every year for many players. Bots are often a problem for players and dev alike, as they try and hoard up ISK to sell online for a profit. 

It should be noted that the main display of toxicity doesn’t even come from in-game activity, but on the boards you’ll find all over the internet. Even Reddit users admit that sub is one of the least friendly on the platform, and many users are quick to disclose they aren’t the friendliest online either. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t good players out there. The community does come together for conventions and many push aside the game beef to enjoy their time spent with other players. Entire corps will often show up, and players well-known in the game are just as well-recognized when they go to the conventions. But few are as well-known or universally as liked as Chribba.

Chribba is known to be one of the game’s wealthiest players, and he’s famous for pulling it off in a way that no other player has been able to replicate since. He’s never fired a shot in conflict. Chribba made a good bulk of his money watching over trades in some high-powered ship, and even though he gained money from the cheapest mineral in the game, the trust he earned from other players was far more valuable. 

Photo courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun

It’s nice to see that even though the community can be toxic at times, they can all come together and respect a player for doing something valiant. Though it seems impossible to manage trades in a game where everyone tries to be the richest space pirate, Chribba’s proved that there’s hope left Eve-n in the darkest places. 

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