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Introducing Your FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge Winners

In the beginning there were over 200,000… an army’s worth of passionate individuals from all across the globe, all fighting for the same dream to join FaZe. After nearly four months of the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge, fate has chosen a select few who’ve risen to prominence and hoisted their flags in victory.

History will forever remember these victors as the “FaZe 5,” along with the prodigal number six, FaZe Scope.

FaZe 5
Image courtesy of TimpersDesigns


FaZe Faxuty was the first announced winner of FaZe 5. The 22-year-old ‘content machine,’ streamer, and Fortnite content creator from California foretold his destiny from day 1, telling anyone who would listen that his victory had already been decided. With #FaZe4 as his running tagline, it turned out Fax was right all along. He was also the winner of a Nissan Kicks SUV.


22-year-old FaZe Virus made history as not only the second-announced FaZe 5 winner but the first Saudi in the history of FaZe. The organization’s new international superstar is known for his unique Call of Duty gameplay. He accomplished the amazing feat of winning the recruitment challenge after only seven months of consistent, high-quality content.


The one and only FaZe Flea is one of the most well-known creators in the Fortnite community and was an early FaZe 5 favorite the second he announced his participation. The 22-year-old from Australia is highly regarded for his high-quality content and montages as well as his superb branding.


This cracked 20-year-old Call of Duty player from Washington is a demon with the sniper rifle and a walking clip generator. FaZe Nio was a long-time running mate with the legend Nickmercs and now joins him and the rest of FaZe Clan as an official member of the team.


FaZe K1ng, a 14-year-old Fortnite professional from Argentina, was serenaded into FaZe Clan as the fifth FaZe 5 winner. His official coronation to the team came in what was initially suspected as the last FaZe 5 reveal. The young prodigy is one of the top Fortnite players in the world, claiming fifth place in last year’s Fortnite World Cup.


FaZe shocked the whole community and ended the #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge with a bang when they announced fan favorite Scope as the sixth and final FaZe 5 winner in dramatic fashion. The entire CoD sniping community rejoiced in unison when the Maryland native’s long-time grind for FaZe was complete when these simple words appeared on the FaZe broadcast: “FaZe Scope.”

These are your 2020 FaZe 5 RC winners! After a six-year hiatus, FaZe 5 came back and brought us six new FaZe members. Everything that has transpired since the recruitment challenge official start back in September has led to a spot in FaZe Clan for these individuals. Congratulations to them and to everyone who participated in the journey and growth of FaZe 5.

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