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J.J. Abrams Forms Bad Robot Games Studio with the Creator of Left 4 Dead

Star Wars and Star Trek director J.J. Abrams will be expanding his Bad Robot TV and film production company to include a video game development division with former Valve executive Michael Booth acting as the studio’s general manager. The announcement of Bad Robot Games came in 2018 when Abrams partnered with Tencent and Warner Bros. Interactive. However, the recent inclusion of Booth ensures that development will be in-house as opposed to relying on outsourcing. 

Bad Robot
Courtesy of Bad Robot Productions

Booth is known for founding his own development company named Turtle Rock Studios and for being the creator of Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood. He has also contributed to the development of popular franchises such as Team Fortress and Counter-Strike while working as Gabe Newell’s underling at Valve. His resume also extends to working for Blizzard and Electronic Arts as well as being the social VR director at Facebook.

Booth has expressed his enthusiasm for taking on the new role at Bad Robot Games by citing parallels between his work and the work of J.J. Abrams. He has said that the games he makes and the movies that Abrams directs both “center around people working together to survive and thrive in fantastic worlds.”

The work of J.J. Abrams has also been known to be somewhat illusory at times in regards to his work on hit TV shows Lost and Fringe and the films Cloverfield and Super 8. That attitude may or may not translate to his video game projects.

There is no telling what Bad Robot Games has in store for their first official project. The main goal for the video game division is to generate a sense of cohesive storytelling between games, TV, and film. Particularly this would mean developing games that worldbuild adjacent to Abram’s film and TV projects. Whatever it is that is being cooked up by Bad Robot Games, the mind meld of these two well-praised media figures might be enough to get the hype train to start leaving the station.

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