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JKap Becomes LA Thieves’ New Head Coach

Call of Duty League’s new member LA Thieves announced that their head coach for the 2021 season will be legendary player JKap.

Courtesy of LA Thieves

After acquiring OpTic Gaming’s Call of Duty League spot, LA Thieves has decided to keep JKap within the organization. The two-time World Champion announced his retirement earlier this year and now he is back in the competitive environment with a new role.

JKap is considered one of the best players that has ever played. His professional gaming career began in 2010 and ended in 2020, just a few months ago. JKap standed out as a star player at the highest stage and played his heart out. He also had different teammates in both championships which boosts his name higher on the top-10 list. 

In 10 years, JKap played for 12 different teams and besides the championship victories, he made it to the World Championship Final twice for four total finals appearances.

100 Thieves, the owner of LA Thieves, CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has a big Call of Duty background, so the fans might expect big achievements. The team’s roster was just fully announced with Kenny, SlasheR and TJHaLy being joined by Temp as their fourth. All first three played with their new coach JKap last year, so the chemistry between them will be on point for sure.

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