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KFC Partnered With Cooler Master To Build The First Ever “Chicken Chamber” Console

KFC is one of the most famous fast food chains in the world. The company’s chicken recipe still boggles minds to this day. Now, their recipe isn’t the only thing on the table; the giant fast food chain just invested in esports and video game companies. KFC introduced a new console a few months ago and have now revealed a secret kept hidden just like the chicken recipe. KFConsole’s look has been shared through the internet and has received a lot of optimistic and pessimistic comments.

Photo courtesy of KFC Gaming

First things first, we have to clarify something. KFConsole’s legitness is still uncertain, which means the company might be after a huge social media project. If it is legit, though, a new era might be at the door.

According to KFC and Cooler Master, KFConsole will come with a 9th generation Intel i9 processor. Full specifications have not been revealed yet, but the graphics card will be ASUS, so it will be Nvidia. Lastly, KFC and Cooler Master partnered up with SeaGate for the storage hardware.

The device looks pretty simple but inside of it is a whole new world. This console will include a chicken chamber. Obviously, it will be the first “chicken chamber” in the history of gaming consoles. This chamber will allow players to warm up their food while they enjoy their games. Sad news for hygiene freaks: fast food fat is a real thing and there might not be any solution for the mess it creates. 

To sum up, if the console gets released for real, we will be seeing a lot of unboxing and mukbang videos on YouTube!

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