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LCS Reveals New Amateur Ecosystem for 2021

While we head into the 2021 League of Legends season, system alterations keep coming. LCS has announced their new Amateur Ecosystem, establishing “LCS Proving Grounds.” The new tournament ecosystem will allow the amateurs and players outside the LCS to compete against LCS Academy teams.

Photo courtesy of LCS

The LCS Proving Grounds will have two different types of tournaments: Tier 1 and Tier 2. Amateur teams start in Tier 2 tournaments and compete against each other to earn enough points to qualify for Tier 1. Tier 1 tournaments will see qualified teams face each other to get a spot in LCS Proving Grounds.

The rules are slightly different for LCS Academy teams, who will start the climb from Tier 1, instead of Tier 2. After the Academy season, which will be played between January – February, the top six teams will earn a spot in LCS Proving Grounds, while the remainder will have to battle in Tier 1 tournaments to secure their places.

Photo courtesy of LCS

Tier 2 tournaments will start during the Academy season, and top ten teams will qualify for the Tier 1. There will be three Tier 1 tournaments. The first one, taking place at the end of February, will see twelve teams fight each other at the end of February. These teams will be the ten teams that advance from Tier 2, as well as the the seventh and the eighth place Academy teams. The top four teams will qualify for the LCS Proving Grounds, while the other eight will automatically qualify for the second Tier 1 tournament.

The second Tier 1 tournament, taking place in early March, will feature the ninth and the tenth place teams of the Academy season alongside the eight teams that failed to qualify in the first one. There might be additional teams from Tier 2 to have twelve teams in the tournament. Like the first Tier 1 tournament, the top four teams will earn a ticket to LCS Proving Grounds, and the remaining eight will head to the third and the final Tier 1 tournament.

The last Tier 1 tournament is called the “Last Chance Qualifier.” This is the last opportunity to qualify for the LCS Proving Grounds, with only the top two from this tournament advancing to them. After this tournament, the 16 qualified teams in LCS Proving Grounds will compete against each other between the end of March and April.

Each Academy season will have ten games per week for four weeks, and five games for the fifth week, in a Single Round Robin and best-of-1 elimination format. With the new system, there won’t be Academy Playoffs or Finals.

You can check the application process to organize the tournaments, and the event’s rules from here.

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