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League of Legends Player Flame Retires From Professional Play

Korean top laner Flame announced his retirement before the next season. He was a part of the World Champion DAMWON Gaming roster but fell short on making it in the Rift.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Flame’s professional gaming career began with Azubu Blaze in 2013. After the roster joined another organization called CJ Entus, he and his teammates Helios, Ambition, Cpt Jack and Lustboy did not split up. Flame pursued his career under the CJ Entus roof for two years before joining the LPL team, LGD Gaming. LGD Gaming formed a super team, recruiting names like imp, Acorn, We1less (a.k.a. GODV), TBQ and Pyl. The team made it to the World’s stage but did not meet the expectations there.

After terminating his contract with LGD Gaming, Flame moved back to his country where he played for Longzhu Gaming for a split. In 2017, he joined LCS team Immortals and played at the LCS Finals. 2018 was one of the worst seasons in his career where he played for FlyQuest and could not accomplish anything. At the end of the Spring Split, FlyQuest only had six wins, which placed them at the eighth spot. The Summer Split was a little better with the participation of JayJ and the team made it to the playoffs. Flame’s latest stop was DAMWON Gaming. He split his minutes with Nuguri and he could not make it to the World’s stage where his team lifted the trophy.

The Korean top laner was known for his laning phase dominance. He even has his name on the matter where you get 100 minions up on your opponent which is called “Flame Horizon.” Back in 2014-15, people were putting his name upon the “Best Top Laners” list. Flame had a great career and solid individual performances.

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