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League of Legends Streaming Soundtrack Now Sponsored by Spotify

Streamers have long used music to elevate the viewing experience of their streams. Now, for League of Legends streamers at least, Spotify has made that even easier. In a recent agreement with Riot Games, Spotify has signed on to be the exclusive audio service provider when it comes to League of Legends esports. The multi-year agreement is the first of its kind for Spotify, which hasn’t previously broken into the world of global paid sponsorship deals.

League of Legends Streaming Soundtrack Now Sponsored by Spotify
Image Courtesy of: Bol News

With 286 million monthly users, Spotify has firmly established itself as one of the go-to music streaming platforms out there, expanding their offerings to include podcasts as well. While they’ve done more limited sponsorships in the past, as Variety reports, the streaming juggernaut’s recent deal with Riot Games is unprecedented in the fact that this is the first one the company is paying for. Now, in addition to the official League of Legends music hub on Spotify, there will be podcasts and catered playlists inspired by the gaming community.

The game’s official Spotify hub garners 5 million users monthly, a number that is sure to increase based on some of the exclusive collaborations the deal has gained for Spotfiy. One particularly exciting exclusive will be a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the “Worlds Anthem.” Each year, at the opening ceremonies of the League of Legends World Championship, the Worlds Anthem is performed with an original music video. Now in its tenth year, the League of Legends World Championship has tens of millions of viewers each year, viewers Spotify will now be able to access through in-game banners, per the sponsorship agreement. 

Image Courtesy of: Sports Business Daily & Spotify

Considering 2019’s World Championship had 21.8 million viewers a minute, on average, from all around the world, it would seem that Spotify is definitely getting their money’s worth. With the creation of Spotify-exclusive content with a built-in audience, the company is going to be able to continue producing their own materials in-house. Courtney Holt, head of studios and video, is in charge of Spotify’s production division, which will create a League of Legends podcast series focused on the personalities and happenings behind-the-scenes of LoL esports events. 

Spotify has been making their own original content for a while now from podcasts to exclusive recording sessions with established musical artists, so continuing to develop and diversify their catalogue is to be expected. Considering the huge and viable audience esports has, it makes sense for the company to find its way into gaming. All in all, Spotify’s new exclusive sponsorship with Riot Games seems to take what companies like YouTube and Facebook have done in committing to gaming on their platforms and combined it with Netflix’s established commitment to original programming, while also jumping into the sponsorship arena of pro gaming. It’s an exciting evolution, a cross-pollination of industries, that seems destined for success.

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