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LGD Offers Masterclass in B05 vs Rainbow7

After the Number 4 seed from the LPL struggled in the Group Stage, they dismissed worries about their performances, sweeping Rainbow7 3-0.

LGD post-victory against Rainbow7. Courtesy of LGD Gaming on Twitter

Game One started pretty bloody as LGD went for an early kill four minutes into the game onto Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun on the Tristana. Following an impressive engage from Tomás “Aloned” Díaz Valiente on the Galio, LGD flipped a teamfight around in order to claim the Rift Herald.

The game went back and forth for multiple minutes and a fight in the jungle lead gave Xie “Langx” Zhen-Ying multiple kills on the Volibear, a Baron and the win.

Game Two started relatively back and for LGD and Rainbow7. Two drakes did go over to the side of LGD and Francisco Rubén “Leza” Jara Barragán picked up early pressure on the Senna. But it was a double kill from Xiye and Mark to lead to the third drake of the game for LGD.

After a dry game, a costly misstep by Brandon Joel “Josedeodo” Villegas cost his team the defeat, LGD the Elder Dragon and matchpoint.

Game Three was a completely different form of LGD. Early game was dominated by Rainbow7 after an early kill from Josedeodo leads into a few burnt ultimates, summoner spells and a dragon.

From there the snowball continued for Rainbow7 until Kramer used the Curtain Call of Jhin to snipe down two kills and LGD would turn to the Baron.

The pressure mounted all the way until the very end when an ace in favor of LGD.

LGD will go on to face Legacy for one of the final spots in the Group Stage next week.

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