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LOL: Wife makes Husband sell PS5 after finding out it is not an air purifier

This is a story you don’t really quite believe when you first hear it, but it’s true. A wife in Taiwan forced her husband to sell his brand-new PS5 after lying that the device that purified the air in their home. I have so many questions about this story. Apparently, the wife had already previously been upset at her husband’s gaming habits, so she did not want him to get the newest console. What had he done before? Told her his Xbox was a humidifier?


First question: how did she think that a PS5 console was an air purifier? No offense lady, but they really do not look anything like each other. Second question: how did the husband think he was going to get away with it? What was his wife going to think when she saw him connect the air purifier to the TV? This whole plan seems to have a ton of holes in it. I am not surprised that he ended up getting caught.

Just how many video games was this guy playing every day to get his wife so mad at him? It must have been a lot for her to deny him from even getting the next-generation console. Or maybe, instead of playing, he was just staring at their air purifier while telling her he was gaming. I feel like if anything can be learned from this story, it’s that video games— like anything— should be played in moderation. HAHA sike, who am I kidding. Play on, my friends. Play on.

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