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LPL 2020 Awards Find Their Owners

The LPL 2020 Summer Split ended a while ago, but Riot Games announced the 2020 awards were going to be given during the All-Star event. The event was expected to be held some time near the end of 2020, but due to a COVID-19 case near the venue, the company had no choice but to postpone the 2020 All-Star event. On Jan. 1, curious waiting stopped and both the show matches and awards ceremony were held.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Last year’s surprise finalist Suning imposed a literal embargo on the awards. Jungler SOFM’s amazing performance was especially appreciated by almost every fan in the region. SOFM proved himself by winning both MVP and Best Foreign player awards. 

Suning’s success for the last year was out of mind. At the very beginning of the split, almost nobody expected anything big or successful from this team, but they managed to mislead everyone with a solid and stable performance throughout the year. On the other hand, the region’s most-known player, TheShy, won the Best Player award, which was given considering fan’s votes.

Best Team: Top Esports

Most Improved Team: Suning 

Most Improved Player: Angel (Suning)

Most Valuable Player: SOFM (Suning)

Best Foreign Player: SOFM (Suning)

Best Rookie: Bin (Suning)

Best Player (Fan Vote): TheShy (Invictus Gaming)

Other than these awards, LPL gave role rewards to the players, one for each role. Suning had two players in role awards, equalizing the most players in the list with Top Esports. Suning players Bin and SOFM received most votes for the upper side of the Rift. Two Top Esports players also managed to make it to the list.

Best Top: Bin (Suning)

Best Jungler: SOFM (Suning)

Best Mid: knight (Top Esports)

Best AD: JackeyLove (Top Esports)

Best Support: LvMao (JD Gaming)

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