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LPL 2021 Spring Season Starts January 9

The LPL 2020 Summer Season was a huge joy to watch, Top Esports and Suning Gaming’s domination and the continuous fall of Invictus Gaming. The 2020 Summer Season literally had us witness any kind of feeling. Now it is time for a different year and season. Riot Games announced the curious starting date of the LPL 2021 Spring Season. According to the announcement, the league will start on Jan. 9.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Twitter’s famous LPL reporter ran_lpl announced the date a little before Riot Games. According to several sources, the announcement was made on Weibo but not the global social media channels. Riot’s LPLEnglish account has broken its silence and informed the fans about the starting date.

As announced, the league will begin on Jan. 9 at 17:00 (GMT+8). You will have to adjust the time according to your local timezone. 

So, there is only a week left for the starting day of the LPL 2021 Spring Season. This year, Chinese teams will try getting back the crown from Korean superteam DAMWON Gaming. LPL has been the most powerful region until 2020 by winning two back-to-back World Championships.

Spring Season’s winner will participate in MSI 2021. MSI 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19, but this year, Riot Games may find a solution on how to arrange the international tournament. We have to wait for Riot to make an official announcement about MSI 2021. Before that, don’t forget to enjoy every minute of skirmishes that will be going on throughout the whole Spring Season.

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