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LPL All-Stars Will Be Held In January

LPL has the biggest fan base all around the world in League of Legends. This is because both the population and also the esports culture, and even through a rough year, Riot Games found a solution to keep the spirit alive. The event was postponed because of COVID-19, and according to Riot, it will now be held on Jan. 1-2, just after the new year.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

It was previously scheduled for Dec. 11-12, but due to a COVID-19 case in Chengdu, China, the city where it was planned to be hosted, Riot Games decided to postpone the date and refund all the tickets. Since the announcement was made a little late and not fully clear yet, Riot might have changed the format to online.

Since League of Legends is huge in China, LPL organizes a special All-Star event within the region. This year’s format is pretty simple; ten players have been selected to participate, according to the public vote. We will be seeing two matches consisting of 20 players. The first one will be the classic All-Star match with LPL stars such as Karsa, knight and more. On the other hand, the second one will include young prospects. Ten rookies, who have joined LPL in 2020, will fight against each other. 

LPL All-Star Match Participants

Top: Bin, Langx

Jungle: Karsa, Ning

Mid: Doinb, knight

Bot: JackeyLove, Lwx

Support: Baolan, Ming

LPL All- Star Rookie Match Participants

Top: Bin, Xiaoxiang

Jungle: XLB, JunJia

Mid: Teacherma, Forge

Bot: huanfeng, Jiumeng

Support: yuyanjia, ppgod

(Second-highest voted jungler was Peanut, but the Korean player decided to return to his country)

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

These were the announced rosters, but since the event was postponed, Korean players will also be able to participate. Names like TheShy and Rookie were unable to join their opponents, because of the COVID-19 travel rules.

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