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Mamba Mode Gaming Disbanded Due to Disappearance of CEO

The Esports scene has witnessed countless teams that establish and disband, but this one has a sad and unsolved story. One of the top 20 VALORANT teams of North America, Mamba Mode Gaming has disbanded due to its CEO, Gabe Ren, being missing for two weeks. Neither players nor staff could contact him during this time.

Photo courtesy of Mamba Mode Gaming

The incident occured on Jan. 3 with a statement which was published on Mamba Gaming Mode’s Twitter account. In the TwitLonger, it was emphasized that the organization’s players and staff have decided to disband with a lack of salaries and prize winnings. Besides, all player contracts are invalid due to the Occupational Abandonment clause, which means the players are free agents right now.

According to the team manager Creed’s statement, this isn’t the first time Gabe Ren went missing. The CEO has disappeared several times in the past, but he always came back in 2-5 days. “In the past, Gabe disappeared for periods of 1 to 5 days, citing mental health issues and visits to see sick family members,” said Cad, the marketing intern of the team says in an interview with

Despite all the effort of reaching out to Gabe Ren, the staff and the players weren’t able to contact him. Even though he has been spotted playing Bloons TD 6 on Steam, the CEO didn’t answer any calls from the team side as Creed said. Currently players are owed their December salary, and several tournament’s winnings are yet to be paid. 

“Towards the end Gabe Ren started cutting pay for many members of staff. Other than lack of payment, nothing pointed towards Gabe leaving,” Cad said. “On the last day he was present, December 20, he planned team banding events. We had no clue he would disappear.”

As a result of the situation, all staff and players will be going separate ways including the Rocket League team. All of the staff hopes Gabe Ren is OK and healthy.

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