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Meet BabyCappah, Luminosity Gaming’s Newest Rising Star: A Stropse Exclusive

“Ma… what if I told you right now I won $100,000?” was the question BabyCappah asked his mother live on stream after winning the Luminosity Gaming Rising Stars competition. 

After hearing her 22-year-old son just won $100,000 and a Luminosity Gaming sponsorship, Cappa’s mother wept live on his Twitch stream in front of hundreds of people. With his mother by his side, beaming with pride, Cappah leaned into his big break for the world to see.


For many, making it in life is all about the come-up. It’s about starting from somewhere and grinding your way to something bigger and better. But that just isn’t the case for Luminosity Gaming’s newest content creator, Donta, AKA BabyCappah. For him, it’s all about the game. 

After over a month of grinding and auditioning for the Luminosity Gaming Rising Stars competition, Cappah was the last contestant standing, selected by a voting panel including LG stars Elliott “Muselk” Watkins and Félix “xQc” Lengyel. 

Winning the contest netted the 22-year-old streamer $100,000 and an official Luminosity Gaming sponsorship, forever changing his and his family’s lives. With resources now at his disposal, Cappah can begin to actualize his dream of becoming a prominent creator in the gaming community. 

But Cappah’s journey didn’t start when he won Rising Stars. It didn’t start when he initially signed up for the competition, and it didn’t start when he casually wore a diaper in his audition video, brilliantly capturing the judges’ attention. Cappah’s journey has been ongoing for nearly a decade and dates all the way back to him and his brother making silly videos dancing in front of their laptop webcam. 

Gaming Since the Get-go 

Image courtesy of Nintendo

“I got to gaming because of my older brother,” Cappah told Stropse. “My mom was pretty much just spoiling us with video games as a kid… so it started at an early age. We started playing Super Mario 64, Smash 64, Goldeneye 007. Then we kind of just worked up from there.”

Through the lists of nostalgia-inducing games he used to play with his brother and the various stories about getting their first GameCube and finally upgrading to an Xbox 360, it became clear why Cappah chose his path. He’s been playing games ever since he could remember, and he intends to keep on playing games, because that’s what he loves to do. 

Speaking of his old gaming videos from his childhood, Cappah said, “I got old YouTube videos. It was so long ago, I didn’t really think about bad quality… or making money from gaming. It was just a flex like, ‘Ay, I’m a cool kid who just dropped a nuke on MW2, I have a YouTube channel and you don’t.’” 

With a childhood that revolved so much around games, it’s no wonder why Cappah ended up where he is today. But it wasn’t all Koopa Shells, mushrooms and killstreaks during his younger years. Growing up in Chicago, Cappah saw his share of chaos. 

“I really just grew up with … before I was aware of how the real world is,” Cappah said of his childhood. Even while he was seeing chaos and violence surrounding him, his mindset never changed: he just wanted to play video games. 

Passion, Diligence and Intellect 

We all strive to be hard workers in our lives. But for many of us, it’s difficult to work diligently without seeing any tangible results. We’re just incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

But through Cappah’s passion for gaming, he’s been able to find those qualities in him. The patience and dedication Cappah has demonstrated throughout his career comes naturally from his love for video games. And that is what has been so key in the young streamer’s rise. 

However, a love for gaming isn’t nearly enough. In order to become a successful content creator, you also need to have the smarts and intellect when it comes to actually putting out content. It’s so easy to get trapped in the loop of just wanting to play games while struggling to maintain the business side of the job.

Image courtesy of BabyCappah

But Cappah’s not the type of person to get caught in that trap. This is what he wanIs to do, and he has the smarts to get there. It can be seen in his videos; his brain is everywhere. He’s constantly thinking about what video comes next and how he can innovate on his content. 

“I’m the type of person to look at videos just trying to think what can make me different as a streamer,” Cappah said. In one of his audition videos for Luminosity, Cappah donned a diaper, a witty homage to his screen name. “I just thought like, ‘Okay, let me think of something that I can do that can make me look different.’”

The steamer explained how he remembered the rapper DaBaby going around, wearing adult diapers at different events, and how he realized how he could take that idea and make it his own to get the judges to remember his name. 

“I’d say I’m brand conscious,” Cappah explained. “I do care for my brand. But, it’s like my brand is myself though… For some people, like a musician, you can call them by their government name and their musician name because there’s a difference. But literally, BabyCappah is still me. I don’t go live and say, ‘it’s time to be BabyCappah,’ because it’s just myself.” 

Cappah’s motivation for gaming combined with his crystal-clear business perception is what sets him apart from the crowd of people trying to make it in this field. There are many people who are capable of grinding and working hard, and many others who have the capability to firmly grasp their vision. However, BabyCappah can do both, representing the perfect storm in the field of gaming. 

The man even got fired from his day job because he spent so much time working and grinding for the LG Rising Stars Competition that he missed “work” days. Thankfully, it all worked out for the better. 

When asked who he looks up to in the gaming industry, Cappah’s answer was Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, the former Call of Duty pro who founded and now co-owns the esports org 100 Thieves. 

“I just like how he wasn’t tunnel vision,” Cappah said of Nadeshot. “A lot of Call of Duty players, when they retired they had nothing to fall back on. He had YouTube content… He did Twitch streams… He had an audience and everything like that. Especially in the Call of Duty community, everyone wants to be pros, or people just want to win tournaments. Nadeshot inspired me because he had multiple sources.” 

What Comes Next

Image courtesy of BabyCappah

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to predict the future. Even with a mind like Cappah’s, it was impossible to have guessed who would wind up streaming under the Luminosity Gaming banner. But as someone who’s constantly thinking and planning for the future, Cappah definitely has some idea on where he wants his career to take him. 

When asked what specific plans he has on utilizing Luminosity Gaming as a resource, Cappah responded, “I think about that every day,” and admitted that being a part of LG is “scary” because “this is the biggest step in my life.” 

“Every day I’m like, what can I do?… I’m confident in the gameplay, I’m confident in my character, my personality, I think I have both sides. But if I don’t know how to utilize it correctly, then it’s gonna be scary because I need to know how to utilize it.”

“What I was talking about earlier, how Nadeshot branched out to other communities, I can do that. Like if I play with a TikToker, or flew out for like one week to collaborate with a vlogger.”

“With LG, I need to be able to make content on every platform that’s popping and getting impressions.” 

Courtesy of Luminosity Gaming

While Cappah does have a head full of plans for his content, his plans for the future go farther than just video ideas. “First things first, I just don’t want to be in Chicago anymore. Some of that for obvious reasons. I just want a new experience or just a new life.” 

Texas is on the top of his list for potential moving destinations due to the presence of esports and fiber optic internet, but Cappah really just wants to move somewhere new. He wants to be in a place where he can have new experiences worthy of this next chapter in his life. 

“Let’s just say I won the million dollar lottery, but I just have the ticket right now. I haven’t cashed it in and I haven’t done anything with it. I didn’t buy the new house I want or the new cars. So it’s like, I’m in LG, I got it… but I haven’t had the fun with being on LG.” 

Even though BabyCappah’s journey is just beginning, he’s traveled a long way since the days of dropping nukes on kids in Modern Warfare 2. But with the passion he possesses, the head on his shoulders and the power of Luminosity Gaming behind him, there’s nothing that can stop BabyCappah from pursuing his dream.

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