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Mid-Season Fall Guys Update: Anti-Cheating is Now Live!

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting excited to start a new Fall Guys game, sweat dripping down your forehead, your hands gripping the controller in anticipation, only to find out that there is a cheater in the lobby. In Fall Guys, recognizing a cheater is pretty easy. They are notably faster than everyone else and they are sometimes even able to float throughout the map. These guys suck. There is no reason for anyone to be cheating in such a sweet innocent game like this. Hell, there is no reason to be cheating in any game. It makes you a huge loser.

Courtesy of Mediatonic

Since the game’s launch, there have been a surprising number of cheaters. Many have been banned, but news has come out that some of these cheaters had been placed into a fun social experiment where they were forced to play only with each other. A previous tweet from Fall Guys explained the whole thing. They made sure to watch players for a little while to know for sure that they were cheating before placing them in what they like to call “cheater island.” They tried to pick players that they thought could be redeemable in hopes that when they were placed on the island, they would stop cheating.

Sadly, the experiment was a fail and they found that when placed in a lobby with other cheaters floating around the map, most players would keep cheating. Go figure, huh? As of today, the experiment is over and no players are continuing to be sent to cheater island, and with the new anti-cheating update recently added to the game, hopefully they will never have to again.

So, what do you all think? Was cheater island a good idea, or did it just give cheaters a way to play with each other? Let me know, and I hope all of you honest non-cheating players get that golden crown on your next game on.

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