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More Ranked Changes Will Come to VALORANT in Episode 2

In this week’s chapter of Riot Games’ traditional article series “Ask VALORANT,” The VALORANT developers talked about the ranking system, possible story mode and surrender option changes.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Even though Riot Games was among the first companies to adapt to the esports competitive scene, accomplishing many great tournaments alongside big occasions, the ranked systems in its titles are still messy. Many players have been complaining about it in League of Legends, and now VALORANT players have to deal with the ranking system, but guess what? They didn’t like the current structure either.

While it’s hard to climb up, deranking in the ladder is the easiest thing in VALORANT. Therefore, being able to reach higher standings in the ranking is getting harder. If you had one rough day, all your process in previous days would be lost in 2 hours, and this reality demoralizes players while pushing them away from the game.

In Ask VALORANT’s episode this week, a question was asked about this situation, and Riot answered: “Our rank distribution bands are unforgiving and we have limited protection against rank demotion. We’ve been feeling this ourselves, and we’ve made some changes to address this with Patch 1.14, and more substantive changes will follow at the start of the year with the launch of Episode 2.”

Courtesy of Riot Games

Riot updated rank distribution to make it easier to climb out of the lower ranks in Patch 1.14, reduced the number of players in Iron and increased the numbers at Bronze through Diamond ranks. However, it looks like it wasn’t enough, and the developers are aware of this since they’re going to add increased protection for rank demotions while giving players some initial buffer room after they gain ranks with patch 2.0. Besides, there will be a ton more changes to the rank system with Episode 2 according to the article.

VALORANT’s Episode 2 Act 1 is expected to start on January 12th.

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