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NASCAR Driver Dale Earnheardt Jr. loves his gaming PC

Most people wouldn’t think a famous NASCAR driver would be a huge nerd. In fact, I had no idea there was any love for the gaming world from anyone in the industry. But the esports sphere went crazy a couple days ago after Dale Earnheardt Jr. posted this tweet expressing his love for his gaming PC. He actually had quite a lot to say about it. 

“I’ve always enjoyed gaming, strictly on PCs. This hobby started back in the mid 90s. I learned over the years how to upgrade hardware. I’d never built my own PC though. I built one this week and really enjoyed it. It went really smooth but I don’t mind that occasional hiccup. IT work is such a fun profession IMO. Chasing technical problems and helping others with their own systems is something I enjoy. I would often get asked what I’d be doing had the driving thing not worked out. IT work of some sort would have been really rewarding for me. With the fast pace of technology you are always learning, challenged, and anticipating what’s next.”

It is pretty crazy that he has had this hobby for literally over 20 years and has not expressed it to the public much at all. Perhaps he is a little embarrassed? Fear not my dude: we have a full community here at which will never make fun of you for your nerdy ways. Perhaps an interview could be on the horizon if we are lucky. We will just have to see. 

For now, I can only hope that more athletes come out in the open about their love for gaming. I know there has to be some more famous athletes hiding in the shadows too embarrassed about their gaming habits. Hit me up; I’m all ears.

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