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New Mass Effect Trailer Has Fans Over the Moon

Lost in what was a wild week in the world of gaming was a colossal bombshell dropped by the team at Bioware. After announcing to fans there would be a Dragon Age update coming soon, Bioware unloaded a new trailer that we weren’t expecting to see. Its release sent ripples that have turned into tidal waves reaching the far corners of the gaming community.

Photo courtesy of Bioware

Buckle your seatbelts, folks, because Mass Effect is BACK. 

Last week at the Game Awards, Bioware released a trailer of what we presume to be Mass Effect 4. The new installment of the interstellar action RPG adventure featured clues about the game’s potential timeline and setting along with some very familiar faces. (Hint: She’s your favorite Asari.)

While the trailer is relatively short, there is a lot to unpack. The setting appears to take place in a galaxy long-time fans had the pleasure of roaming in the game’s original trilogy and directly after the final events of Mass Effect 3. Viewers are treated to the welcomed sights of a Tartarus Field, Mass Relay, Reaper, and uninhabited landing site riddled with satellites and a ship. Leading up to the trailer’s finale, a wanderer is trudging up side of snow-covered Reaper and reaches the top only to uncover the remains of broken equipment that dons the N7 emblem.

And who is said wanderer? 

The one and only, Liara T’Soni. After finding the debris with that familiar insignia, Liara stands, looks into the distance and smiles a smile heard ‘round the universe. 

Because Mass Effect: Andromeda was so poorly received – as it should have been – it’s easy to be ecstatic after seeing this new trailer. Although we aren’t sure of what canon will be followed because of the uncertainty surrounding the events following the end of Mass Effect 3, the trailer’s familiarity gives hope that the franchise is in for a massive resurgence.

Bioware divulged just enough information to keep the space explorer inside all of us on the edge of a proverbial seat. So if you’re as big of a fan as I am, I feel you. That was one helluva trailer.

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