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New Project 007 James Bond Game In The Works

Developer of Hitman series IO Interactive has revealed that a new James Bond video game, Project 007, is in the works. While new information will be released about the game as the development process continues, here’s what we know so far.

Project 007
Image Courtesy of IO Interactive’s Twitter

Best known for series like Hitman and Kane and Lynch, IO Interactive announced via teaser trailer Project 007, slated to feature a new and completely original James Bond story. According to IO, the story of Project 007 will be an origins story centering on the titular character’s journey to achieving their “007 status.”  IO Interactive has also indicated that they are currently recruiting talent worldwide for the Project 007 development team.

Image Courtesy of IO Interactive’s Twitter

While little is known about the gameplay overview and style of Project 007, it is highly speculated that the game will be inspired by IO’s other works, which focus heavily on stealth mechanics. The Hitman series in particular complements the James Bond series’ “secret agent” focus by highlighting the former series’ elements of character disguise and espionage activities. Project 007 is expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors under IO Interactive’s development. 

In IO’s statement, they said the game would feature the “very first James bond origin story,” which could imply that this is the first James Bond video game origin story, as numerous media of James Bond origin stories have already been in circulation (I.e. the Young Bond novels by Charlie Higson.) 
The game’s announcement arrives at an interesting time in relation to Hitman 3’s incoming release, which is slated to drop on January 20th, 2021. Project 007 is expected to be available on multiple console platforms and on the PC.

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