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New Snow Globe-Themed Winterwunderland skins Coming to Valorant

The holiday season is one of the most exciting times for all sorts of people, but especially for gamers. Developers release new games and holiday-themed content for their players to enjoy, and enjoy they do. With the Winterwunderland skin bundle, Riot has given Valorant players plenty of reasons to get in the festive spirit this holiday season. 

Image courtesy of Valorant Leaks

Riot Games has confirmed that the Winterwunderland skin line will be the latest bundle available to Valorant players. Inspired by art lead Sean Marino’s trip to Europe, the skins resemble a cozy village inside of a holiday-themed snow globe. The new designs also dynamically change when exposed to light, changing the sky from nighttime to daytime.

Image courtesy of Valorant Leaks

The weapons getting Winterwunderland skins include the Ghost, Marshal, Phantom, and Vandal, as well as a candy cane melee to top the holiday bundle off.

Image courtesy of Valorant Leaks

With the bundle priced at a total of 5,100 VP, each individual gun skin will cost 1,275 VP and the melee will cost 2,550 VP. Like the rest of Valorant’s bundles, buying the bundle will net you the melee skin for free. 

Players will be able to get their hands on the Winterwunderland skins on December 9.

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