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Newbee Receives Permanent Ban from Dota

Newbee, a Chinese Dota organization, had been accused of match fixing in February 2020 by ImbaTV and the Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association (CDA). In May the two bodies released a statement saying they had enough evidence to prove that Newbee had indeed been guilty of match fixing. The Chinese organization was removed from the CDA alliance, and banned from all CDA and ImbaTV tournaments. They were still eligible to play in Valve and other tournaments, until now.

Photo Courtesy of Valve

On January 3, 2021, the official Dota 2 Weibo account and Perfect World released a statement that Newbee and its former members are permanently banned from from all future Valve tournaments. As of this announcement, Xu “Moogy” Han, Yin “Aq” Rui, Wen “Wizard” Lipeng, Yan “Waixi” Chao, and Zeng “Faith” Hongda are on the permanent ban list. They will not participate in the DPC 2021 – starting on January 18 – or any Perfect World tournaments.

Unofficial Valve insider, Wykrhm Reddy, confirmed it on his Twitter.

Back in May 2020, the CDA had submitted the evidence for Newbee’s match fixing to Valve and Perfect World (Valve’s partner for Dota in China.) Newbee had initially defended the claims by excusing themselves due to pandemic related miscommunication and mismanagement. With no statements made or actions taken by Valve or Perfect World at the time, Newbee were only disqualified from the DPL-CDA Professional League and Season 3 of StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor for fixing the second game against Team Avengerls.

Following the match fixing allegations, Q, Wizard, and Waixi were dropped from the Newbee roster in August of 2020 while Moogy and Faith were retained. The news of match fixing was particularly upsetting for fans because of Moogy’s stellar past-performance and Faith being a TI winner. With such glory and potential reduced to a mere match-fixing, it’s been saddening to say the least.

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