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Next-Gen Gaming Devices: New Features in the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

With next-generation gaming devices arriving this holiday season, gamers find themselves pressed to decide whether or not to pull the trigger and spend money on a new device. Most hardcore gamers are going to get their favorite console no matter what, but is it worth it for the not-so-serious gamers with a perfectly good Xbox 1 or PlayStation 4 at home? Here are all the known features coming to the new generation of gaming consoles that could persuade any gamer to drop the money.

Next-Gen Gaming Devices: New Features in the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5
Photo of a speculative PS5 controller design. Courtesy of Coroflot, Dumary

For the Xbox Series X, plenty of information has been released. For starters, it is stated to be four times as powerful as the latest Xbox out right now. That means faster download speed, better graphics, and more memory. This is just the tip of the iceberg: the new Xbox is also said to have a disk feature that can run both video games and blue ray discs. The days of only being able to download games from the online store are over. Also, the new console will carry over games and progression from the Xbox 1, so there is no worry about losing the progress saved on all your games. Any existing backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox will also carry over.

Long story short, the new Xbox is going to be an all-around faster, more advanced console with notable quality changes from the previous Xbox.

In terms of the PS5, information has come out that new console will have an entirely different look than the others before it; a black and white color scheme gives it a space-age type of feel. Just like the new Xbox, the PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4. Whether or not it is going to be compatible with earlier versions of the PlayStation is still unknown.

Although more information is known about the new Xbox, both consoles will be a significant improvement from their predecessors. For any gamer that is looking to keep up with the best quality of video games, these new consoles will be a must-have.

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