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Nielsen and GEF Join Forces, Bridging Data and Esports

Given the speed with which the esports industry has blossomed into a cultural force to be reckoned with, there’s a lot that is still unknown about how the industry functions as a whole. With a new collaboration between the Global Esports Federation(GEF) and Nielsen Media Research (NMR)—the American data and measurement company—experts are looking to better understand the vast amount of data and statistics that may well shed light on how the esports boom is unfolding on a large scale. 

Image Courtesy of GEF

If the name Nielsen sounds familiar, it’s most likely due to the oft-referenced Nielsen Ratings. Also known as the Nielsen TV Ratings, these ratings are a prime example of what Nielsen does. The Nielsen Ratings measure audience size and demographics of American Television viewers and over the years, they have become the industry standard in terms of understanding how television media is consumed in this country.

GEF chief operating officer Paul J. Foster

An article from Esports Insider notes that the purpose of the Global Esports Federation is, in part, to “bridg[e] the gap between esports, sports, and virtual sports.” As GEF continues to work towards this goal, they’ve continued to grow as an organization, inducting three more sports federations into their membership, making for a total of eight global participants in the GEF.   

As the organization continues to grow, their needs do as well, hence the team-up with Nielsen. According to chief operating officer of GEF, Paul J. Foster, “The collaboration with Nielsen offers the Global Esports Federation access to best practice measurement methodologies and extensive global research experience in meeting the needs of the GEF and the community we serve.”

Image Courtesy of Nielsen

As far as Nielsen is concerned, the collab will allow for their organization to utilize their expertise to help the esports industry continue to grow. Regarding the collaboration, International Managing Director at Nielsen Sports, Marco Nazzari says “Nielsen Sports is uniquely positioned to help the Global Esports Federation succeed in its mission to further elevate competitive gaming. This new collaboration, leveraging our best in class data and insights will ensure the brightest possible vision of esports.”

Founded in 1996, Nielsen Media Research has been developing their tools with regards to the measurement and analysis of media consumption data for decades now. The Global Esports Federation, by contrast, was founded in 2008. With the rise of the internet from the nineties on vastly changing the landscape for media consumption, Nielsen is well familiar with the type of rapid growth the esports industry is currently experiencing and will undoubtedly offer much insight to GEF as it continues to establish itself in the quickly developing world of pro gaming.

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