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Ninja Teams Up With G2 Esports, Mr. Beast and Aim Lab for Charity Fall Guys Efforts

After a week of back-and-forth for Fall Guys skins, video game superstar Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins reached out the palm branch to other bidders to raise a $1 million donation for UK-based charity SpecialEffect.

Ninja Teams Up With G2 Esports, Mr. Beast and Aim Lab for Charity Fall Guys Efforts
Depicted artwork of the four skins courtesy of Aim Lab Twitter

This tweet from Ninja occurred after the four aforementioned players were outbidding one another to have their brand immortalized in Fall Guys history through their very own customized skins, with one skin going to the highest bidder. Ninja was in a war between Spanish esports organization G2 Esports, Youtube personality Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson, and gaming organization Aim Gaming. 

It became a weekly sight to see popular gaming personalities and organizations outbid each other. In the end, the combined efforts raised a million dollars towards the UK based charity with mass response across the world.

Fall Guys, the ever-growing game about survival of the (stumbling) fittest, has proven itself to be popular across the globe. It has dominated the streaming world of gaming for the last few weeks, overtaking League of Legends as the most streamed game. With minigames similar to that of Mario Party, it has become an international phenomenon. Perhaps the most memorable moment was that of Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar’s win after hours of fails. And the game has yet to hit its ceiling after the announcement of Season 2 later this year.

Special Effects is a charity based in the United Kingdom focusing on accessibility for gamers with disabilities. The million-dollar donation will contribute to technology advances for gamers with disabilities to allow a quality of life benefit through video games.

With this kind of donation in tow, these streaming personalities promise only good things to come.

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