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No Way – Star Wars is Coming to Minecraft

It’s honestly about time: Star Wars DLC is now available for purchase in the Minecraft marketplace. For a game that has been around for so long, I was honestly surprised there has not already been a collaboration between Minecraft and Star Wars. But it has finally happened, and let me tell you, it is chock-full of incredible items.

Courtesy of Mojang

The DLC includes content from numerous Star Wars movies such as A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and even from the new Disney Plus TV show, The Mandalorian. The DLC contains a map, a full skin pack to customize your character with and even a licensed soundtrack. All these amazing items are sure to get any Minecraft player in the full Star Wars mood.

For a deeper look at the DLC as a whole make sure you check out the video above posted by the Minecraft YouTube account. It goes into a lot of detail showing off everything that the pack has to offer. I have to admit: I lost my shit a little bit when Minecraft Baby Yoda came on to my screen. He’s just as cute as you would imagine.

Courtesy of Mojang

I would absolutely recommend this DLC pack to any Star Wars fans, as it looks well worth the money and will straight-up change Minecraft as we know it. I for one cannot wait to dive into this new world.

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