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Nongshim Redstar Advances to Grand Final in KeSPA Cup by Defeating KT Rolster

Game 1

First game of the series started as we’re used to: Slow paced. Both teams spent their resources for controlling the map and corridors. First blood bled out in the top lane in sixth minute for KT thanks to well-prepared gank by Bonnie. Then, KT’s side focused on the top lane more to expand its sights. Nongshim Redstar was getting behind in time until the dragon fight in the 15th minute. With a 4-0 victory in the fight, Redstar pulled itself together.

Photo courtesy of KeSPA

Still, KT Rolster led the game by playing proactively and won a teamfight in the 22nd minute. A little bit later, Peanut showed off why he is one of the best junglers in the world. The Korean jungler stole a dragon in the 26th minute and secured Ocean Soul for his team. Nongshim Redstar waited for the end of KT Rolster’s baron buff, and then pulled the trigger. After taking Elder Dragon buff and Nashor buff, Peanut and his friends finished the game in the 35th minute.

Game 2

Unlike the first game, everyone in the server was bloodthirsty in this match. Both sides gave more attention to kills instead of map rotations. KT Rolster earned a great early lead as it won a fight and secured three kills in the bottom river, but Redstar recovered the situation quickly. After so many kills taken in the lanes, the first serious teamfight which Nongshim’s side won alongside the dragon, popped off in the bottom river.

Although KT Rolster took its opponents down one by one, the team that performed better in teamfights was Nongshim Redstar by far. Winning two battles back to back without giving up a kill, Redstar’s squad surpassed its opponent and ended the game in the 26th minute.

Game 3

Game 3’s narrative is nothing different than the others. Redstar’s objective control and domination in teamfights led the team to qualify for the grand final. In the beginning of the match, KT Rolster managed to grab some kills thanks to its jungler’s effort, however, continued to struggle in 5v5s.

Even though KT performed slightly better than previous games, it wasn’t enough for the victory. Nongshim Redstar got the dragon soul, won a fight in the top river and took over Nashor buff in the 28th minute. After that, everything was easier for Nongshim. It ran over its opponents base with all the buffs to finish the series in the 33rd minute.

The grand final will be played between DAMWON Gaming and Nongshim Redstar on Jan. 2.

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