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Nuguri Joins FunPlus Phoenix

The last Worlds Champion will seek another trophy in his new home. 2019 Worlds Champion, LPL’s FunPlus Phoenix added one of the most dominant top laners in the world to its roster. FPX revealed that former Damwon Gaming player Nuguri has joined the team as the starter top laner for the upcoming season.

Photo courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix

The announcement was made via FPX’s official social media accounts, accompanied by a video clip that features a welcoming message for Season 10 Champion Nuguri. Last month, Damwon Gaming shared that Nuguri had become a free agent, but no one had any idea where the next destination of the Korean player would be, until a rumor of Nuguri joining FunPlus Phoenix recently popped-off. Now, that rumor is reality.

Nuguri began his career in I Gaming Star, a Challengers Korea team. After spending two months there, he was noticed by top teams, thanks to a large champion pool and insane mechanics. He moved to Damwon Gaming in November 2017 and made a name for himself.

In the beginning of 2019, Nuguri and his friends managed to qualify for LCK from Challengers Korea. Damwon finished its first split in LCK as fourth place, which, for a team that just qualified from the lower league, was a success.

Nuguri didn’t have to wait too long for his first appearance in Worlds. After winning the Regional Finals by beating Kingzone DragonX, Damwon attended the tournament in 2019. They made it out of the group stage, but said goodbye to when they faced the European powerhouse G2 Esports. It was a good run for a rookie team, and everyone seemed impressed by the squad’s performance, especially Nuguri’s.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

2020 is the year that Nuguri shined alongside his teammates. The LCK representative put an embargo to LCK Summer Season, losing only two matches in the regular season and winning the Korean championship. Heading to Worlds 2020, Damwon was seen among the best candidates for the crown, and Nuguri seemed like the best top laner in the world. Those predictions turned out to be right, and Damwon Gaming crushed everyone who crossed its path, reaching the championship. Being a key factor of the championship series, Nuguri was phenomenal during this run.

Now, the last Worlds Champion has joined the 2019 Worlds Champion to seek another title in his first LPL appearance.

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