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Oasis Released to Call of Duty: Mobile in China

Call of Duty: Mobile’s release was a huge success in China. The game was a little different than the version worldwide users are familiar with. Not having a battle royale map is one of the main differences. Apart from that, Chinese Call of Duty: Mobile includes explicit content such as different operators and maps, and one of the maps we are talking about is Oasis. Players in China release some footage about Oasis and the general thought is that the new map looks like the updated version of Tunisia.

Photo courtesy of Activision

Oasis gameplay can be seen in the video above. You can find different gameplay videos on YouTube if you are not satisfied with this one.

Tencent made an agreement with Activision for releasing the game in China. Details of the agreement are not revealed, but it looks like Chinese players will experience changes before the global players. It is still unclear if Oasis or other features will be available worldwide, but different opinions state that they will eventually be out for players use.

Call of Duty hit 100 million matches prior to its release in one day. This is a huge start and the game is expected to break records that will be hard to catch up with. Tencent will add battle royale in the game at some point, and it is possible to say that after the addition of it, the game will hit incredible numbers.

The release of the new season brought so many new things. Snow-covered Nuketown is the one players were looking for, but since it is not something totally new, Activision has to do more in order to keep the players’ attention. We will see if Oasis gets released worldwide in the future.

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