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Overwatch Aims to Decrease Queue Times with the New System

Overwatch has been suffering from long queue times for some time now. Even though the developers made some adjustments in the past, they couldn’t fix the issue, which pushed them to find a new solution: the Priority Pass. Overwatch’s new feature is being tested on the PTR right now and aims to decrease the queue time in the game.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Both Quick Play and Competitive have a Role Queue which consists of two Tank players, two Support players and two Damage players. Players who choose to play Damage roles have waited for an excessive amount of time before getting into a game, and players that prefer to play other roles have waited for much shorter. To solve this issue, the developers have targeted Damage players with Priority Pass rewards in an attempt to switch them to Flex players.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

After queuing and playing a game as a Flex player, the game will award you with Priority Passes based on if you win or lose. Blizzard seeks to provide a large number of those, but the numbers might change over time. The pass, which can be saved up to 40, will decrease the queue times when you want to play as a Damage player.

Priority Pass also will work on group queues. When you’re queuing with a group and using a pass to lower the time, the entire group will be privileged and have the benefits of Priority Pass. So, only the Damage player using a pass will be enough.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

“The most important thing we’re looking out for is: at the end of the day, how can we make Overwatch more fun for our players?” the company said on their official Twitter account. After a couple of different alterations, Blizzard believes this one will make the difference. The new system will likely go live on retail servers in December.

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