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Pac Man vs Ms. Pac Man

Pac Man is one of the most famous video games of all times, but what are the differences between this game and the also-famous Ms. Pac Man? Just in case for some reason you are on a video game website but don’t know what these games are, here is a video to give you a little informational background.

The basic difference between the two games is that Ms. Pac Man is more developed and has more features than Pac Man. This makes sense, as Ms. Pac Man came out after Pac Man and had time to learn from what the original game did well and not-so-well. Ms. Pac Man has 4 unique maps while Pac Man only has one. This was made so that it would be harder for players to get good at the game, as they would not be able to just master one map and know all the tips and tricks for it.

Along with this, the ghost movements in Ms. Pac Man are more random, making it harder for players to master the game as easily.

The fruit powerups in Ms. Pac Man also do not spawn in the middle of the map like they do in Pac Man. Instead, they bounce around the map randomly, making it trickier for players to get them.

Basically, Ms. Pac Man came to be a harder version of the original in order to give players who had mastered Pac Man a harder challenge. Ms. Pac Man came out and took everything great about the original and added unpredictability.

Pac Man
Courtesy of DeviantArt: MasterSaruwatari

So, which is better? Well, that is sort of up to each players opinion. Ms. Pac Man is for sure more of a challenge, but nothing will ever take the place of the special feeling players got when they first started playing the original Pac Man. If you want to check out the games yourself, you are able to get a relatively cheap personal machine, or hit up your local arcade if they are open and you are able to stay safe.

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