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Perkz Dispels Nasty Rumors with Touching G2 Remarks

The free agency period hasn’t started yet, but still, Perkz has shone the spotlight on himself. Recent rumors have emerged about Perz’s transfer to Cloud9, and with these rumors have come mean-spirited comments, slanders and wicked people. To clear the air, Perkz had to send a couple of tweets to explain his thoughts and reality earlier today.

Courtesy of Twitter, @G2Perkz

Rumors about Perkz’s team transfer has kept the League of Legends scene busy lately. As soon as the reports popped off, some fans started to comment against Perkz, G2’s CEO Carlos and mid laner Caps. In the tweet below, Perkz said simply, “Hate has to stop.”

Perkz’s desire to return to mid lane is known by nearly everyone, and as a result, the rumor claiming Perkz wanted to throw Caps off the team and return to his old role emerged. Perkz dispelled the rumor:

“The thing that baffles me the most is people saying or thinking I would ever request G2 to remove Caps. He is literally like a brother to me and like every other member of the team. They are one of my closest friends and I will forever cherish all moments I’ve had with them.” he said.

Courtesy of G2

The Crotian player also thanked the CEO of G2, Carlos, for protecting, helping and teaching him. “And his wife and son are super kind to me as well.” he continued. “I didn’t think I had to explain all of this on internet but that’s 2020 I guess.”

Perkz has been a part of G2 since 2015, where he won eight LEC Championship and a MSI. However, the “Perkz to Cloud9” rumor seems like truth according to early reports, so these might well be the last days we see Luka in a G2 jersey.

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