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Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Release Announced: What’s Been Revealed?

Game Freak’s newest installment in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Sword and Shield, announced at the end of the September of a second expansion for the game. The new DLC, titled “The Crown Tundra,” will be arriving at the end of October and will allow for expansive gameplay, double gym battles, more pokemon, and so much more.

Crown Tundra
Photo from Nintendo

The news of a second DLC package was announced a while ago, after the first expansion, “Isle of Armor,” was released in July of 2020. When purchasing the package on the Nintendo eShop, consumers were greeted to a notification that the pass enabled “Isle of Armor” as well as a second part of the expansion pass, to be released some time in November.

During a Pokemon livestream via the Nintendo Direct on September 29, Nintendo gave viewers a look at what to expect in the new DLC as well as its release date: October 22. The November release date, November 6, will be for Pokemon Sword and Shield retail copies that will include the expansion pack.

As shown, the new expansion showcases a brand new part of the Galar region, one completely covered in snow and ice. The main story of “Crown Tundra” follows the player after meeting an explorer named Peony, who puts you in charge of an expedition around the region. As the newest installments introduced the idea of “Dynamaxing” within the Pokemon world, the new DLC will expand on it, leading players to explore more Dynamax Dens in search of pokemon. This new area of the Galar region is also said to be home to many legendary pokemon, and based on the trailer, it seems many will make their return.

In addition to legendaries, some pokemon from the original games not featured in the main story of Sword and Shield make their return, including some Galar redesigns of classic pokemon. Gamespot reported on the new design for the Galarian Slowking.

Photo from Nintendo

The new DLC also introduces the “Galar Star Tournament.” This new tournament expands on the first one introduced in the main series games, this time as a two-on-two team battle competition. This tournament will feature familiar gym leaders and new DLC characters.

In addition to the announced release, Nintendo wanted to celebrate the occasion. Pokemon Sword and Shield players are now able to receive in-game Pikachus wearing hats (including Ash’s). In order to obtain them, players will have to input codes that can be found on various Pokemon social media channels, the first code being “PIKACHUGET.”

As mentioned, this DLC will be available for release both digitally and in retail stores, though it hasn’t been revealed whether the new copies will contain the expansion directly or just download codes. In any case, it raises questions over the legitimacy of DLC. Some people have praised the release, expressing their excitement, while others have commented that, with the rerelease of the physical game, they were sold, “half a game” at the beginning.

Regardless of criticism, the fan base seems excited for Crown Tundra’s release and the opportunity to explore more of the Galar region in their free time.

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