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Pokemon Through The Years: How People of All Ages Enjoy Pokemon

Pokemon has been around for over 20 years now, since the first games came out in 1996. New Pokemon games come out on a regular basis, and if you asked any person who plays any sort of game, odds are, they would have a favorite Pokemon game. The phenomenon that is the Pokemon franchise knows no bounds: it is loved across the world and across all ages of gamers. Whether you play with the original cards, the newest Switch games, or on your phone, there is something in the Pokemon world for you to enjoy. Come along with me on this journey through the ages of Pokemon, and the variety of ages of the people who enjoy Pokemon, since there is no age limit on enjoying the world of Pokemon.


The remarkable thing about the Pokemon world is that there truly is something for everyone within it. The amount of games, films, toys, and everything else related to the gaming franchise is so vast that there is practically a guarantee that if you have ever been introduced to gaming and Pokemon, there will be at least one part of the franchise that you enjoy. From older folks who enjoy the classic games or the exercise aspect of Pokemon Go to young adults who love the games they grew up with and the communal aspect of the games to even young children who connect with the games by enjoying the plushies of their favorite Pokemon, there is something for every age group when it comes to Pokemon.

Photo of Simone Lim from Screenrant

Starting at the young end of the spectrum, one of the most notable moments in the Pokemon world this year came from Simone Lim, a 7-year-old girl from Singapore, who won the title of champion at the 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships in the Junior Division. Simone won with excellent gameplay, a kind demeanor, and a quite-high level of adorableness (she even had her Eevee plushie by her side.) Simone Lim represents not only the top tier of Pokemon players in the Junior Division, but also the future of Pokemon in the world; since she’s starting at such a young age, she has so much to explore in the world of Pokemon and so much room to grow.

A group of Pokemon Go players, courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times

In the middle of the age range, young adults enjoy many aspects of the world of Pokemon, and in particular, this median age group is partially responsible for keeping Pokemon Go alive as a game. The above photograph shows a group of adults searching for Pokemon together as they get out and enjoy some exercise and time spent with friends. Pokemon Go has made a name for itself by being a game that both brings people together and gets people moving, and this combination of friendship and activity has made the game a beacon for young adults who are looking for ways to connect and get out in the world.

Photo of an older man playing Pokemon from user u/doozykid13 on Reddit

At the far end of the spectrum, Pokemon remains near and dear to many people in the later years of their lives. The above photo shows an older man playing Pokemon on what looks like an Eevee console. Pokemon is one of those games that is just as fun to play at 80 as it is to play at 18, and this gentleman’s focus on the screen shows just how much he loves this game. 

Pokemon has created so much for fans to love over the years, and their ability to make their games so inclusive has led to their customers and fans being one of the most diverse gaming groups out there. Whether you’re a young fan of the newest Pokemon game, an older player who loves the classics, or you’re a brand new player who is still learning the names of all the Pokemon, this ever-growing franchise is guaranteed to have something for you.

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