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Power Your Dreams… and Your Food? The Xbox Series X Refrigerator

Power your dreams—that is the slogan for the recently released Xbox Series X. It’s a pretty fitting one too, I’d say, considering it is half of the next generation of consoles who will lead gaming into the future. Love them or hate them, Microsoft has been at the forefront of innovation and technology for many years now. The tech juggernaut is always trending given their savvy nature, but it turns out that one of their most recent genius inventions may be somewhat of an accident. A viral meme turned reality: the Xbox Series X refrigerator.

Xbox Series X
Courtesy of Microsoft

Allow me to explain.

The Xbox Series X design was first revealed during last year’s Game Awards, almost exactly a year ago to the day. It sports an unconventional design not seen amongst any of the past consoles in prior generations. As a result, gamers worldwide had mixed emotions and varying thoughts about its unique look, so much so that Microsoft explained why it is shaped the way it is in late March of this year.But not before the internet did what the internet does best—taking any piece of memeable content and relentlessly going to WORK with it, proving once again that perhaps one of the few entities more innovative than Microsoft is the internet itself. Here is just a taste of some of the madness that ensued:

Courtesy of comunidadxbox
Courtesy of nintendosoup
Courtesy of funnyjunk
Courtesy of todogamers
Courtesy of YouTube/WiesiMemes

The thing about memes is that while some are absolutely hysterical and will live on forever as legendary contributors to the cloud, most are here today and gone tomorrow. The moment the Series X and its fridge-like shape was revealed, the internet saw an opportunity tailor-made for memes. Microsoft, however, also saw an opportunity—an opportunity to break the mold and turn a meme into a reality in one of the most intriguing marketing schemes to date.

Power your dreams to power your memes—the Xbox Series X refrigerator was born.

Courtesy of Microsoft

As you can see, it is in fact a real fridge. It is an exact model of the Xbox Series X, complete with an Xbox green interior lighting to make sure the branding is consistent. While it unfortunately is not available for purchase, it’s still a fairly cool idea and a creative way to usher in the release of the Series X and S consoles. The fridge premiered on Oct. 28 as part of a special sweepstakes open to fans that ran through Nov. 4. The #XSXFridgeSweeps quickly launched to the top trending topic on Twitter in the United States. 

It has traditionally been a struggle for Microsoft to get a leg up on Sony in console sales, and the first week sales figures indicate that that remains to be the case. Nonetheless, for what it’s worth, Microsoft gets a dub from me for its creativity and willingness to try something new—even if it was comically engineered by the fans.

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