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Quake World Championship Preview

As we approach the weekend of QuakeCon at Home, we also near the end of stage four of the Quake Pro League. The four stages of the QPL since 2019 QuakeCon have all built into this moment, culminating in some of the best arena first-person shooter players in the world. Players like Rapha, Cypher, and Venguer are all ready to battle it out so that they may be crowned as the best player in the world for 2020 and ingrain themselves into the esports history. Here is a breakdown of the favorites, underdogs, and wildcards who could take the title home this weekend.

Courtesy of Bethesda

The Favorites

Shane “Rapha” Hendrixson:

The previous Quake World Champion is fully prepared to take back his title after an incredible performance through stage four of the QPL. Arguably the greatest AFPS player in history, he is certainly the most consistent. He has placed high in every Quake Champions tournament he has participated in, taking third in the most recent stage three finals. He also took first in the stage two finals without dropping a single map. Look for him to play an agile character like Nyx or pull some new strategies out with a champion like Keel. 

Marcel “k1llsen” Paul:

Of course, we have to include the powerhouse from Germany. One of the only players to thwart Rapha’s domination, he took first in the stage three finals and looks to continue his path of destruction coming in right behind Rapha in the rankings at the end of stage four. The German has to fight through quite a bit if he wants to take the crown from Rapha at QuakeCon this year. His mechanical prowess and experience in the game will most definitely take him far no matter how hard the competition is. We will most likely see him play champions like the lightning-fast Slash, who will allow k1llsen to show why his nickname is “railsen” among the other professional players.

The Dark Horses

Adrián “RAISY” Birgány:

You are probably asking how such a talented player like RAISY could be a dark horse; well, being that RAISY has no first place finishes in the QPL, and the fact that he’s competing against the likes of some of the most storied players in Quake, he is most definitely a dark horse. His mechanical skill and affinity for Quake champions will most likely take him decently far through this tournament, but his lack of experience, specifically compared to that of Rapha and other Quake legacy players, is probably his biggest downfall. He might make up with his experience, however, since he is one of the most practiced players in Quake Champions. We will see him playing more unique champions like Clutch as he tries to catch his opponents off-guard with his clever tricks. 

Greg “cha1n” Bouevitch:

Arguably one of the most skilled up-and-coming talents in North America, cha1n is ready to rumble this weekend. He doesn’t have the most consistent placings, but that doesn’t say much about how truly skilled he can be when he sticks to his gameplan. He has come into form quite nicely in this previous stage, ranking 8th among his competitors. His downfall in the world championships could be the fact that he has such a structured gameplan when he engages the opponent in-game. That being said, we are likely to see picks like Visor and Sorlag from cha1n, as he will likely want to control his opponents’ pacing throughout each fight. 

Anton “Cooller” Singov:

An even more controversial name to place under the Dark Horse section, Cooller is a legend in the game, but his performance throughout the QPL has been lackluster, even with the weight behind his name. He still brings heavy competition though, because even though his placements are not the most incredible, he is very practiced. Look for cheeky champions like Ranger and Eisen to be pulled out of Cooller’s pocket in competition this weekend. 

The Underdogs

Johan “toxjq” Quick:

The best Quake 4 player is, in fact, an underdog coming into this tournament. The lightning fast gameplay style, alongside some truly incredible aim, could allow this legend to destroy some of his opponents. But his timing and positioning is usually his biggest downfall. He is also very inconsistent when it comes to his performance, some days being unstoppable, other times being washed away by his opponent. With that being said, if toxjc is having a good weekend, it will be hard to take the Swede down. Look for him to play mechanically rewarding champs like Anarki and DoomGuy.

Moses “psygib” Salas:

Of all the names in this breakdown, psygib has to be the most underrated. Consistent, well-structured and decently skilled mechanically, psygib has the potential to be an insane opponent this weekend. With that being said, the question is if he is practiced enough to take down the likes of his more legendary opponents. Similar to cha1n, he is very good at sticking to a game plan, but if his plan gets derailed, things can go pretty haywire for him. We will have to wait and see if he has any tricks up his sleeve for this weekend of the Quake World Championship. Look for psygib to play champions like Strogg and Peeker this weekend as we hope to see a major showcase from the American. 

All this leads us into a weekend that is sure to bring some great competition from some absolute legends in esports. No matter who comes out on top, we will get to see the highest level of gameplay, and we may even see a new king instead of Rapha. Will we see toxjc take over his opponents with some insane aim? Or will we see the impressive continuation of Rapha’s reign as world champ? Tune in this weekend to catch all the fast-paced, nonstop action! 

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