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R6S Tips To Help You Handle Those Sweaty Clutches

Picture it: There are 180 seconds on the clock. You’re guarding Bomb B and stacked up against the back with your crosshairs at a tight angle. Doc, Rook, Castle, and Pulse have all rushed out of the OBJ to play meet-and-greet with the enemy team. Shots are fired, and what once was an even playing ground is now a 1v5. Then, you the hear footsteps.

There’s a blur. The sound of bullets eagerly trying to hit every bit of you they can, and… They do. Every single one. The team has voted to kick you out of the game before your body even hits the ground.

Scenarios like this happen so often that they are seen as a rite of passage for practically every player. You haven’t really gotten the Rainbow Six Siege, or RS6, experience until you hear all five of the operators lick their lips in unison trying to get you. Handling clutches is one of the hardest things to do in the game, and it’s those 1v3 or 1v5 moments where you really wish you played better as a team. Luckily, you haven’t lost yet. Continue reading to get some pro tips on how to dominate those sweaty, sweaty clutches, RS6-style.

Courtesy of Ubisoft

Stay Calm

How well you do in clutches is going to depend on a lot, but the most important step right off the bat is to remain calm. You now have an entire team coming at you. Instead of wondering how to keep them away from you, try and develop a way to control how they come at you. If you’re going to fight them, make sure it’s on your terms. I can’t count how many times a team has wiped four players within the first twenty seconds only for the entire team to be taken out by one guy because they got too confident. If this happens to you, bank on them being too full of themselves. That way, your calm and collected self can sweep them under the rug in no time flat.


Crosshair placement is absolutely key to ringing off some of those shots, and every angle you aim down needs to be tight. Position yourself so that your body is showing as little as it can; try and only have an arm visible at the most. That way, while your crosshair is at head level, they only have a small window to shoot back. On the other hand, the more exposed they are, the better. This might mean backing yourself into the corner so you can see every easy entryway; they likely won’t care about blowing up a wall to get to you as much as they will about flooding in together.

Also, as always, keep those shots crispy. Don’t just panic-aim at whatever door you think they are coming in, isolate and wait so that when you see one or two of them coming in, you can shoot off those deep-fried, crispy shots. First, you were calm, and then, you kept that angle tight with adequate height on the crosshair. That’s how the magic happens.


Clutches only happen when a team is working together. If you’ve gone from a 5v5 to 1v5 within the first 60 seconds of the match, then not only were your defenses ineffective, but the opposing team was actually playing as a team. The only way to fight back is to follow suit. Even though your teammates are dead, use them. Leave a drone out in the high-traffic area and tell your teammates to make callouts. Remember: they’re dead, not useless. Just because they can’t fire a round with you doesn’t mean they can’t help tip the fight back in your favor. God help you if you’ve gone into a match without a headset.

Stay Calm… Again

Rounding back to the first point of the article, it’s about mentality. Try your hardest to mess with the opposing team’s minds. If they’ve droned out the objective rooms and know the defensive operators, then chances are, a lot of your traps are going to be exploited. Do a little home improvement in one room, then plan on remodeling some of the rooms they don’t expect you in. Do you know what stops a team from rushing into your objective? Running into Smoke’s gas grenades in places they don’t expect or Kapkan’s booby traps they could’ve sworn they only saw guarding the windows.

Another really fun way to mess with them is to simply play stupid. Stupid means unpredictable, and every second they spend confused or scared is another second you remain in control. Set traps in one room and set them off in another to have them wander over. Play on their ignorance of the situation and you have a much higher chance of coming out on top, and when you do, you can brag a bit more to your friends.

In Conclusion

A 1v5 isn’t just a team and you. It’s a 1v1 five times. Keeping yourself calm and making sure you adapt to every likely scenario will see your chances of survival skyrocket. Have those crosshairs high and tight and punish every op that comes after you and the OBJ with KFC-like crispy shots. Nothing feels better in R6S than single-handedly spanking an entire team. There’s no way quite like it to keep the randos that you queued with respectful. 

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