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Recap: OpTic Chicago, Minnesota ROKKR, Dallas Empire host Call of Duty Cold War launch events

Every time a new Call of Duty game is released, it feels like an early Christmas. This time around, there was even more excitement surrounding the newest Treyarch game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, especially in the competitive scene and the Call of Duty League. Launch week tournaments started with Atlanta FaZe’s Cold War Clash and continued Sunday through Tuesday with three more events.

Cold War
Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

OpTic Chicago – Cold War Launch Event

Round Robin: Two groups, round robin, BO3 (HP, SND, Control)
Single Elimination Tournament: BO5, top seeds get bye round

Groups – Teams

Group A
Team Scump: Scump, Lululuvely, Tommey, 2Pac
Team Envoy: Envoy, Blake, Arcitys, Sizz
Team Hitch: Hitch, Karma, Cellium, Sender

Group B
Team Dashy: Dashy, Joewo, Prestinni, Joe
Team Formal: Formal, GarrettG, Huskers, Daps
Team General: General, Jorge, Simp, Boze

After group play, Team Envoy and Team General led their respective groups with 2-0 records, advancing to the second round of bracket play. Team Envoy posted a perfect 2-0 map count over Team Hitch (1-1) and Team Scump (0-2). 

In the playoffs, Team Hitch turned up the heat, rattling off three straight series wins to take the grand prize. This comes just after Karma won the Atlanta FaZe event, giving him back-to-back wins, and causing some COD fans and players to question if he was coming back to competitive. 

Minnesota ROKKR – ROKKR Arms Race

8-team single elimination bracket

Team Censor: Aydan, Standy, Clayster, Zooma, Mackmelts
Team Crowder: Biffle, Merk, Cellium, Abezy, Arcitys
Team Legion: X2Pac_Thuglord, Ireedr, Silly, Assault, Vivid
Team Rallied: Mutex, Felo, Simp, Envoy, Blazt
Team Saintt: Studyy, MLGImpulse, Attach, MajorManiak, Apathy
Team Hitchariide: TST Blake, TST Jorge, Scump, Karma, Dashy
Team Nameless: Nadeshot, Ricky, Priestahh, Accuracy, Enable
Team Vikkstar: Tommey, Prolute, Crimsix, Huke, illey

This tournament came down to a map five, round 11, but in the end, Team Rallied triumphed over Team Saintt. These were the best teams in the tournament as neither team went to a game five in their semifinal matchups. 

Dallas Empire – Battle of the Throne

Single-elimination tournament

Team Crimsix: Bobbypoff, Justin Jackson, Censor
Team Huke: Merk, Pamaj, Jack Clarke
Team Shotzzy: Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Nameless, Teepee
Team Illey: Tommey, Legion, Brandon Williams

In this mixed bag of pros, creators, and athletes, Team Illey beat Team Shotzzy for first place. Team Crimsix was the only team not to win a map, going 0-6 and losing to Team Huke in the third-place match.

More launch week tournaments continued Wednesday through Friday with events hosted by the Florida Mutineers, London Royal Ravens and Toronto Ultra.

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