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Recap of VALORANT First Strike: Turkey’s First Day

The wait is over. One of VALORANT‘s biggest events, First Strike: Turkey started with four high level series. Even though the favorite teams grabbed their victories, lower bracket teams gave them trouble. Here’s the recap of the first day in Turkey.

First Strike Turkey
Photo courtesy of Riot Games Turkey

Sangal Esports vs Anatolia e-Sports (Winner Sangal Esports)

Sangal was the favorite team before going into the series, and this fight, they showed why. The game began with a quick start by Sangal; after winning the first pistol round, they got in the driver’s seat quickly. However, tremendous clutches by L7 and lauress helped Anatolia stay in the match. Following the reciprocal rounds, Sangal was the better team that played as a whole, and they grabbed a 13-9 victory in Bind.

The second map, Ascent, was way easier for Sangal. Winning seven rounds as defenders, the second seed of the tournament performed perfect by not letting their opponents take even one round. Sangal Esports secured the second map 13-5 and advanced to Upper-Brackets Semi Final with a 2-0. Anatolia e-Sports will continue its path in Lower-Bracket.

Oxygen Esports – HaZe Clan (Winner Oxygen Esports)

In the opening match of the first day, tournament favorite Oxygen Esports sweated blood. The initial map of the series was Bind, where HaZe Clan played better post-plant scenarios and took the lead in the first half. The eighth seed team was so close to the victory as they extended their lead to 11-6 thanks to magnificent performance of tecoNe, but Oxygen didn’t miss the wake-up call after that. With the extra frags taken by Mavera and Turko, Oxygen Esports managed to comeback and earned the first map score with 13-11 afterwards.

Following map Ascent witnessed a close match similar to the first one; the only thing that didn’t change was the superb performance of Turko. Putting twenty-seven frags in the second map, the sage player also brought in nearly every clutch round to his team. If HaZe Clan could win these crucial rounds, they would be the winner of this series. Ascent was the place where Oxygen claimed a 2-0 triumph after winning the map with 13-10.

Futbolist – Beşiktaş Esports (Winner Futbolist)

This was the most one-sided series of the day by far. I don’t usually like to say this for any team, but Futbolist literally crushed Beşiktaş in both maps. Within the first map, we visited Split as a pick of Futbolist. I’m saying “visited” because the game was as short as visiting somewhere. All members of Futbolist started the map with maximum confidence and a fast-paced game style, which led them to score on the first map 13-3.

In the second map, Ascent, Beşiktaş tried to resist the wind of Futbolist, and they succeeded a little, though not nearly enough. The team with astronomically better teamplay was Futbolist, winning most of the gunfights to eventually reach their target: Upper-Bracket Semi Final. This followed a 13-6 victory in Ascent.

BBL Esports – Mod-Z (Winner BBL)

The latest series of the day was so fun to watch. Both teams had rises and falls, but they presented an entertaining VALORANT competition. The series started in Haven as the first pick of BBL Esports. Even though the map was BBL’s choice, Mod-Z had a great start by playing much better post-plant. However, they couldn’t keep up their performance, losing momentum against BBL. The second half of the map was all about BBL; they did whatever they wanted, managed to control all around the map and, most importantly, beat their opponents in fights. Under these circumstances, winning was inevitable, and BBL Esports managed to get their first win of the series by beating Mod-Z 13-8 in Haven.

Mod-Z began Ascent as attackers, grabbing eight rounds and missing a few more due to critical mistakes. At the end of the day, those mistakes caused trouble for Mod-Z. In the second half, AslanM4shadoW and aimDLL took control and changed the 4-9 score to their advantage. BBL Esports only lost two rounds as attackers, and it led them to a 2-0 victory. 

First Strike: Turkey consists of a double elimination bracket, so the losing teams will continue through the tournament in Lower-Bracket while the winners will perform in Upper-Bracket. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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